Sailent Features
  • Students in the dual-degree program will complete all the requirements of BTech (ICT) and MTech (ICT).
  • A maximum of 10 students to be selected every year for dual degree program.
  • Open to students of BTech (ICT) program with a minimum CPI of 2.50/4.00 (or equivalent in the 10-point scale) at the end of Semester VI.
  • Selection purely on the basis of CPI.
  • Summer semesters between Semesters VIII-IX and after Semester X are added for dual degree students to allow them to complete all the credit requirements.
  • Courses to be designated as BTech/MTech courses. CPI computation to be done for the respective degrees based on BTech/MTech designated courses.
    Both the degrees will be awarded after completion of the complete program, normally at the end of 5 years. A student may be awarded only a BTech degree at the end of 5 years or later, if he/she has completed the BTech component of the program but not the MTech component.
  • Subject to satisfactory progress, dual degree students will be offered financial assistance in the form of TA’ship or RA’ship in their 5th year on par with MTech students.
  • Students who are selected for Dual Degree program will not be eligible for campus placement at the conclusion of Semester VI.