B.Tech. (MnC)

Program Structure Semester-wise course sequence Admission Process

B. Tech in Mathematics and Computing

Maths and Computing (MnC) is a fusion of Mathematics and Computer Science that has obtained wide acceptance as a distinct discipline over the past few years.  It arises out of dealing with Mathematics as a fundamental tool in computing and with Computing as a primary component of mathematical problem solving.  The program has been specially designed to meet the increasing needs of professionals who would be able to respond to the convergence between mathematical and computational problem solving.The program aims at expanding the mathematical, algorithmic and computational thinking of students and at providing sufficient and solid foundation for skill development in MnC.  A strong mathematical foundation would enable the study and analysis of abstract concepts and to model many real life problems mathematically, algorithmic thinking would provide ways to solve these mathematical problems in an automated way and computational thinking would allow for evaluating the efficiency of these solutions.  The program aims to provide exposure to the students who wish to build a professional career in MnC, working at the cutting edge of technology, research and development.  On successful completion of the program, the students would have acquired essential theoretical, technical and practical knowledge for solving real-world problems, and will have the ability to demonstrate excellent analytical, logical and problem solving skills.  The students would have also acquired social and ethical attributes that would enable them in applying their skills for societal needs with effective communication – orally, in writing and on multi-media platforms.

Program Structure

The curriculum is organised with core courses, elective courses, internships and project works.  The core courses are fundamental to building core competence and foundation for MnC domain knowledge areas.  During senior years, students will have adequate choice of electives in order to dwell deeper into contemporary areas of their interest.  A unique feature of the program is the mandatory independent project which is expected to give students a feel for their research ability in an area of their choice.  The curriculum also includes a mandatory rural internship and a mandatory summer research/industrial internship.  Finally, a student is required to take at least a semester long BTech Project (BTP) during which the students demonstrate their ability in using the knowledge and skills acquired during the program.  The semester-wise structure of the curriculum is as follows:

Semester-wise course sequence

Semester I L-T-P-C
Mathematical, Algorithmic, and Computational Thinking 3-1-0-4
Computer Organization and Programming
Computer Organization and Programming Lab
Functions of Single Variable and ODEs 3-1-0-4
Mathematical and Computational Tools 1-0-2-2
Language and Literature 3-0-0-3
Semester credits 13-2-6-18
Semester II L-T-P-C
Probability and Random Processes 3-1-0-4
Object Oriented Programming 2-0-2-3
Data Structures and Algorithms 3-0-2-4
Discrete Mathematics 3-1-0-4
Approaches to Indian Society 3-0-0-3
Semester credits 14-2-4-18
Semester III L-T-P-C
Mathematical Statistics 3-1-0-4
Operating Systems 3-0-2-4
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3-1-0-4
Algebraic Structures 3-1-0-4
Theory of Computation 3-1-0-4
Science, Technology, Society 3-0-0-3
Semester credits 18-4-2-23

Winter Break – Rural Internship (0-0-8—4)

Semester IV L-T-P-C
Functions of Several Variables and PDEs 3-1-0-4
Data Storage and Management 3-0-2-4
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms 3-1-0-4
Linear Algebra 3-1-0-4
Numerical and Computational Methods 3-0-2-4
Environmental  Studies 2-0-0-2
Semester credits 17-3-4-22
Semester V L-T-P-C
Mathematical Optimization 3-1-0-4
Modelling and Simulation 3-0-2-4
Machine Learning 3-0-2-4
Principles of Economics 3-0-0-3
MnC Elective – 1 3-0-2-4
MnC Elective – 2 3-0-2—4
Semester credits 18-x-y-(21-23)
Semester VI L-T-P-C
Real and Complex Analysis 3-1-0-4
Open Elective – 1 3-0-0-3
MnC Elective – 3 3-0-0-3
MnC Elective – 4 3-0-2-4
MnC Elective – 5 3-0-2-4
Independent Project – 1/
MnC Elective – 6
Semester credits x-y-z-(19-23)

Summer Break: B. Tech Summer Internship (0-0-12-6)

Semester VII L-T-P-C
MnC Elective – 6 / Independent Project – 1 3-0-2-4
MnC Elective – 7 3-0-2-4
MnC Elective – 8 3-0-2-4
Open Elective – 2 3-0-0-3
MnC Elective – 9 3-0-2-4
Independent Project – 2 / MnC Elective – 10 / BTP – 1 0-0-6-3
Semester credits x-y-z-(18-23)
Semester VIII L-T-P-C
MnC Elective – 10 / BTP-1 3-0-2-4
BTP-2 0-0-18-9
Semester credits x-y-z-(12-13)
* Students doing their B.Tech. Project (BTP) outside DA-IICT Campus need to complete course credit requirements in Semester VII.

Key: L = Lecture, T = Tutorial, P = Practical, C = Credit

Admission Process

Details on the application process, admission criteria, fee structure and financial assistance can be found here