Undergraduate Programs

DA-IICT offers three four-year undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of

  • Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology – B.Tech. (ICT)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in ICT with minor in Computational Science – B.Tech. (Honours) in ICT with minor in Computational Science
  • Bachelor of Technology in Mathematics and Computing – B.Tech. (MnC)

Each of these programs is a convergence of multiple disciplines.  It is expected that the graduates of these programs would enjoy a special niche as they would have, during the course of the program, acquired certain performance capabilities not found in conventional CSE/ECE/MATH graduates. The B.Tech. programs are designed to operate on a semester-based credit system. Each course is associated with a fixed number of credits. Credits (C) are assigned on an L-T-P-C system, i.e., number of hours required for Lectures (L), Tutorials (T) and Practicals (P) in a week. The students are required to complete the prescribed curriculum in a minimum of four years.

B.Tech. (MnC)

A specially designed four year BTech program in MnC to meet the increasing needs of professionals who would be able to respond to the convergence between mathematical and computational problem solving.
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B.Tech. (Honours) in ICT with minor in Computational Science

A unique four-year undergraduate program at DA-IICT through additional specialized courses provides a capstone experience...
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B.Tech. (ICT)

DA-IICT offers a unique four-year undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (ICT) which aims to prepare students...
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