The DA-IICT Alumni Association exists to create and maintain a life-long association between the Institute and its alumni. The Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an extraordinary Institute experience through a diversity of events and celebrated traditions. The mission of the Association is to cultivate strong bonds between alumni, students and the Institute, to keep alumni acquainted, and create a network enabling them to remain involved with their alma mater. Our goal is to be an active partner in the success of DA-IICT through the significant engagement of its alumni. Feel free to connect with us if you have any ideas or suggestion which could help us in this goal.

Connect with the representatives of the Association at, or contact any board member of the association. The current board members include:

Name Designation Contact
Jyotiraditya President
Aunindra Sinha Vice President
Rajiv Kumar Raju Secretary
Gaurav Lohiya Treasurer
Niyam Chhaya Joint Secretary
Vaibhavi Desai Joint Secretary
Vinod K. Mall Immediate Past-President
Prashanti Member Strategic Communication
G Sreeram Member Brand Management
Rajshekhar Reddy Member Coordination
Sanjay Srivastava Faculty Nominees

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