Compensation Package

Minimum Salary per year in Cost to the Institute (CTI) format
Assistant Professor Associate Professor
Rs. 12 lakh Rs.16 lakh
Perquisites& Benefits
Seed Money Research Grant Up to Rs.5.00 lakh on approval of the proposal by the Institute’s Research Promotion Committee.
Cumulative Professional Development Allowance Cumulative Professional Development Allowance of Rs.3.00 lakh for every block of three years on a reimbursable basis to the faculty (after confirmation of their service) for participating in both national and international conferences and workshops.
Medical support Doctors on campus. Basic medicines are disbursed from the Medical Centre. Insurance Coverage of Rs. 5 lakh per year for self and family (floater). Premium paid by the Institute.
Accident Insurance Coverage ranging from Rs.4.00 lakh to Rs.12.00 lakh. Premium paid by the Institute.
Leave benefits Eligible for 8 days of casual leave; 20 days of half-pay-leave commuted to 10 full days; 60 days’ vacation in a year – if not availed, converted to 30 days of earned leave. Earned leave is cashable on cessation of employment.
Career Progression Well-articulated Career Progression Policy.