Prospective Faculty

The Institute has over 1200 undergraduate students and 400 postgraduate students, who are selected on the basis of merit. Three hundred and thirty students are admitted every year to the B.Tech. programme. Students who are admitted into the Ph.D. programme receive a generous stipend. M.Tech. students also get stipends in lieu of the work they do as Teaching Assistants.

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Academics and Teaching Infrastructure

Faculty members are engaging in teaching of 3 courses in one academic year. Two courses to teach in one semester and one in the other semester. Faculty member teaching core courses in UG and PG is supported by Teaching Assistants (TAs). Number of TAs assigned depends on the registration of the course. Institute has three air-cooled lecture theatres with seating capacity of more than 300 students. These theatres are equipped with modern audio and video presentation systems. The regular class rooms and tutorial rooms are also equipped with audio-visual aids. Teaching and research laboratories are housed in a laboratory building located in between the lecture theatres and the classrooms. About four hundred computer workstations are installed in these laboratories, which are connected to the intranet of the institute, and to the internet.

Research Environment

DA-IICT stands for a confluence of several interrelated disciplines, from technology and basic sciences to humanities and social sciences catering to both academia and industry. Our aim is to encourage basic, applied and developing ‎research conducted both by students and members of faculty alike. Our encouragement clearly reflects in the policies we have set up for research activities and professional development. Although the needs of our faculty are as diverse as the disciplines they represent, they however share the common goal of building their capacities to generate new ideas and ways of understanding the world.

DA-IICT’s infrastructure, ranging from various well-equipped laboratories to Resource Centre (which provides online access to major digital libraries, including those of ACM, IEEE, Springer LNCS, JSTOR) matches the general expectations of inter-disciplinary research. Need-based funding is provided for setting up laboratories and acquiring new equipment. The faculty is also encouraged to seek out latest opportunities for research collaboration and funding. Partnerships with industry are a priority for DA-IICT. Besides, all efforts by faculty to participate in bilateral, international and multi-institutional research grants aimed at solving critical problems will be duly supported. There is provision for consulting work for which faculty members can avail one day per week. For details on our research activities, visit this page. Faculty publication list is here.

Quality of Living

Gandhinagar is organized into well laid out sectors and, in the sectors adjoining the Institute, a good choice of houses is available for rent. There are several schools in Gandhinagar, including Central Board schools like DPS, Gandhinagar, and Hillwoods School. More options for housing and schooling are available in Ahmedabad, which is only 30 km from the campus (within easy driving distance). Healthcare support includes a visiting doctor on the campus, a network of consulting doctors, and arrangement with hospitals, such as the Appollo.

Being a capital city, Gandhinagar enjoys the uninterrupted water and power supply throughout the year. The airport and the railway station, both located in Ahmedabad, are within easy reach from the campus in Gandhinagar (a 20 mts drive to the airport and about a 50 mts drive to the railway station). The airport has international connectivity, with direct flights to Europe and the USA. For more on Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad click here.