Alumni Testimonials

Batch of 2017

Akshar Verma Currently pursuing Ph.D. at the Northeastern University

“DA-IICT gives students the opportunity to grow in a holistic manner. From an academic perspective, the curriculum for the minor in CS provides exposure to current research and industry trends in a structured form. The excellent faculty and infrastructure ensure a great academic environment. The wide range of extra-curricular clubs also plays a huge role in shaping one’s personality.”

Akshar is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Northeastern University in College of Computer and Information

Chaitanya Prasad

“If I can go back in time then I would gladly choose to go to DA-IICT again. The university gave me a challenging curriculum, professors who inspired us to become good researchers, and friends who were driven to work on interesting projects. I was perhaps luckier than most to have been given the opportunity to pursue a Minor in Computational Science. It helped expose me to a world of scientific research that one does not get to experience until their Graduate studies, all done through a combination of unique courses and project-based learning. Now that I am in a Masters program and planning to work in Computational Physics, I appreciate how much insight I have gained in my research compared to my peers due to my Minors. I believe that I could not have gone to a better university for my undergraduate studies.”

Yashwant Keswani

“The institute provides the students with ample of opportunities both in terms of research and industry.
A lot of effort has been put in by the authorities and the CS curriculum has been structured very well. The curriculum coupled with the amazing faculty and infrastructure, provide a fantastic environment for the academic development of a student.
A large number of extra-curricular activities facilitate the overall development of the student.”

Krati Agarwal

“The most cherishable, happiest days and unforgettable journey of my life was from 2013 to 2017. Beautiful 4 years with many ups and downs, helped me mold in many ways and at each phase. DAIICT will always be an asset to my life and the faculties are much more than just mentors. Anyone can teach but when someone mentors you not just academically that’s when a faculty becomes a friend, a mentor and professors at DAIICT are true examples of that. College life helped me grow as a person in all aspects, from academics to sports to extracurricular. The structure and curriculum of each year are designed in a way that gives you ample amount of time to pursue a hobby along with studies. The resource center, Cep is like a cherry on the cake. Last but not the least the open structure cafe, lotus pond, lush green gardens were the places that turned friends into family and dreams into reality. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the College who gave me the perfect opportunity to explore myself and raised my level of confidence.”

Batch of 2016

Nandan Parikh Currently working at SAP Labs India as a Software Developer

“The best thing about DAIICT is the diversity it brings, not only from the fellow students but also from the academic perspective. During the college days, I found the professors really helpful and my interaction with professors and the DAIICT community have certainly helped me grow as an individual.”

Nandan is currently working at SAP Labs India as a Software Developer.

Abhinav Tripathi

“The ICT B.Tech at DA-IICT prepares one for unique opportunities which are not so easy for people specializing in just one of CS or ECE. The competitive environment and the highly accomplished yet super friendly and supportive faculty members helped bring out the best in me. DA-IICT not only shaped my personality but it also gave me the confidence to take any challenge head-on.”

Abhinav is currently running his own startup (22bate7) that aims to improve learning outcomes among school kids. Before this, he worked with Microsoft Research, Oracle and a healthcare startup(Jana Care).

Batch of 2015

Nagendra Posani

“DA-IICT has been my second home for those four years of my life. I developed a special bonding with the faculty, the ambiance of the university and gained a lot of friends. The ICT curriculum of DA-IICT is well designed with a blend of different disciplines, which makes it so unique and with the flexibility in choosing elective courses lets one to explore different career options. The professor’s active research work inspired me to develop an interest in research and their constant encouragement helped me to take up research work in my spare time. DA-IICT helped me to identify the course of my career and gave multiple opportunities through research internships and industry opportunities. It helped me to build a sound technical background which made my path easy to take steps forward into the future. After coming to the USA for my Master’s degree, I realized how good the quality of education I received at DA-IICT. It made me shine bright and I am glad that I opted DA-IICT. I’m happy to say that I am a proud DA-IICTian.”

Nagendra after finishing his Masters in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech will be joining as Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond.

Vaibhavi Desai

“DA was my home away from home which got me rid of nervousness initially, and then groomed me for professional world taking me to Google. Iconic faculties, helping seniors and inspiring mentors make up an unparalleled USP at DA. Challenges, Competition, and Unlimited opportunities keep everyone on toes. Everyone is running here in the lush green campus to prove their point and succeed. Innovation and growth are two wheels on which success wagon of DA moves.”

Vaibhavi is currently the Program Coordinator, CS and ML Education Programs at Google

Koosh Doctor

“I still regard my experience at DA-IICT as one of the reasons that made me a better version of myself. The diverse community housed by the institute taught me how very different people can work, live, play together and yet feel at home!! I have always boasted about being DA-IICT alumni, where emphasis have been given to both technical and humanities courses. The Music Club was always a pleasure to be a part of and representing the Institute on various platforms had always instilled a sense of pride. I still root to go back to the times of Friday Nite Live sessions in the cafeteria, Synapse, Concours, numerous campus rounds etcetera in that most-appropriately sized place which we used to call our second home. In the end, I must say that I am very grateful to be guided by such a commendable faculty and to have met people (batchmates, seniors, and juniors) with whom I have shared great times and will continue to.”

Koosh is currently pursuing his MS in CS at College of Computer and Information Sciences(CCIS), Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Rohan Sharma

“I take pride in the fact that I am a DA-IICT graduate. Second to none faculty, vibrant student community, unique course structure and access to world-class resources – I couldn’t have asked for more. Though being an ICT engineer, I am employed with the management consulting industry. All thanks to DA-IICT’s unique program where we had courses in humanities and business as well. Other than academics, student committees and clubs kept us all engaged in various cultural, technical and sporting events. 4 years at DA-IICT definitely changed me for the better.”


Divy Thakkar

“DA-IICT is the place where I grew up. It gave me the perfect environment to thrive and explore various fields of study. The wide range of courses from CS to Humanities makes for the perfect blend to open up a student’s mind to various possibilities. I was a part of the Student Govt. as a Deputy Convener and served the annual festival committee for 3 years – the learning from working hands-on was immense and furthered my interest in management. The biggest takeaway from DA-IICT has been the amazing people I met there. I met some of the finest professors in the country who were ready to help us grow as professionals. The diversity of students in the institute is truly a blessing for one to explore a cosmopolitan culture within the boundaries of the institute”.

Nirav Devpura

“I graduated from DA-IICT in 2015, and my experience there in both academics and extracurricular activities helped shape my career. Apart from being the Treasurer, I co-led the Cultural Festival Committee, wherein I gained hardcore sales and marketing experience, which helped me realize that my passion lied in Marketing and led me to pursue it professionally. One of the unique things about DA is also its humanities and other nontechnical courses taught by India’s finest academicians, which made me aware and responsible for my surroundings”

Ankit Agarwal

“DA-IICT or DA (as we used to call it) rather, one word but many memories. I can’t imagine how my life would have shaped without it. During those 4 years it was my first home and it’ll always be a home to me.

From friends to Faculty, it has given me best of everything. This college and professors have helped me to learn how to question things and how to find answers for them.

I’m currently finishing my MBA and many of the courses which I studied at DA has helped me to do my MBA better. Not just MBA, it has helped me to understand everything in life in the better light. Glad to be a part of such prestigious place”

Batch of 2014

Om Thakkar

“DA-IICT provided me with a constructive environment, and ample resources which helped me learn things at my own pace. There was a wide variety of electives offered during the latter part of my program, which encouraged learning catered to one’s own interests. The faculty was very helpful throughout; I found some of the courses that I took so exciting that they paved my career path for doctorate studies after DA-IICT. I thoroughly enjoyed learning at DA-IICT, and loved the atmosphere is provided to students for their all-round development.”

Sharan Shodan

“My four years at DA-IICT is an experience I will never forget. The institute provided me with opportunities galore, a community of students who are invigorated to learn, professors who are at the top of their fields, and a place to work hard but enjoy my weekends and social activities. I loved spending time at this place. The campus is beautiful and every person I met was so diverse, truly bringing something special to the campus. The support from the faculty and helpful seniors helped me choose the right career path and pursue my dream of becoming a Game Developer.”

Sharan is currently working as a Game Developer at Osmo – a company in San Francisco Bay Area, after finishing his masters at Carnegie Mellon Unversity, Pittsburgh, USA.

Sandeep Mertia

“Hindsight reorients memory. Almost three years after graduation, my thoughts on DA-IICT stand bifurcated between an immediate, embodied sense of nostalgia and gratitude, and anxieties about the institute’s self-image and future. I am often quizzed on how I moved from ICT engineering to anthropology of computing. My general response is that I went to a unique institute that allowed me to think through technology in more ways than one. If someone probes further, I have realised, my narrative tends to deviate from an institutional imagination to individual anecdotes and fragmented inspirations.

Nonetheless, I sincerely hope the institute stays invested in establishing conditions of possibility for its students and also faculty to reflect upon their curiosities and vocations, beyond instrumental logic of rankings and placements. After all, DA-IICT was never envisioned to be a conventional engineering college.”

Sandeep is currently a graduate student at the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University. Before this he was a Research Associate at The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi. His research interests lie at the intersections of Software Studies, Science and Technology Studies, and Anthropology. His forthcoming publications include ‘Time-pass Development: Situating Social Media in Rural Rajasthan’ (Economic & Political Weekly), ‘Socio-Technical Imaginaries of a Data-Driven City: Ethnographic Vignettes from Delhi’ (Fibreculture), ‘Fuzzy Logic’ (Computational Culture), and a co-edited book ‘Lives of Data’ (Sarai-CSDS).

Swarnim Vyas

“The four years of my under graduation at DA-IICT have been the most learning years of my life. The institute provides an excellent platform and ample exposure for students to explore themselves, aspire bigger and challenge their limits. The unique ICT curriculum, highly qualified and friendly faculty, blend of technical and humanity courses make atmosphere conducive to student’s overall growth. The small sized, very active and diverse student community leads to interactions with huge variety of people. Today, those interactions form a major part of my learning. One just discovers himself/herself by getting lost in woods of the campus. I am sure that exemplary technical and soft skills developed here help individuals ace in all their future endeavors.”

Batch of 2013

Megha Tak

“DA as we popularly call it was the first step into the real world full of challenges and fun. I remember DA as the place which taught me to follow my heart and be best at whatever I do (even if it’s doing nothing (read sleeping)). It taught me to value the need for a skill and question the way more than what. I sorely miss the roller coaster ride college was and I don’t think there can be any other experience like this one.”

Shreya Agarwal

“I am a proud alumnus of DA-IICT, which provided a life-changing experience. Providing opportunities for growth and learning through an extensive set of courses and electives, I am strong of the opinion that DA-IICT is at par with top IITs in India. The professors are highly accomplished in their respective areas of ICT and extremely supportive. The theoretical computer science courses are highly specialized in providing an edge over other students during post-graduate studies. The infrastructure on campus including residential areas, labs and classrooms, and sports facilities are very modern allowing one to pursue any activity of interest after classes. The environment is always full of energy due to the numerous cultural events throughout the year.”

Shreya is currently a Software Engineer, Google Inc., Mountain View, California, US.

Batch of 2012

Naman Muley

“I look back to the niche that was laid at DAIICT as essential to all my experiences thus far. Learning to learn is a fundamental thought process that I gained during the most memorable four years of my life at DAIICT. Often in these formative years of schooling, invigorating mentors and a vibrant ecosystem can open up possibilities. DAIICT provided me with these mentors and an atmosphere that encouraged me to dive head first in intellectual pursuits. DAIICT’s vibrant culture, seeded by the faculty and early students promotes independent thought, sports, and culture as a way of life. I was taught by renowned professors who stressed on applications in real life. Excellent library resources always provided me with enough material to read up on. DAIICT’s focus on humanities was a cornerstone of independent thought for me. DAIICT expects high academic standards and that has enabled me to compete with the best software engineers not only in India but in the world.

The four years of my life spent at DAIICT have shaped my life. I owe whatever success I garner to it.”

Naman after his B Tech went to the USA for graduate studies and is now working in the industry as a software engineer.

Nikhil Marathe

“I really enjoyed my time at DA-IICT due to the excellent library and broad selection of computer science courses that allowed for exploring my interests. The professors do an excellent job of teaching their subject and encouraging passionate students with hands-on labs and tutorial. The humanities courses complement the technical knowledge to build a solid education, setting up students for success in academics and industry. The small size of the student body leads to a great sense of camaraderie and made the 4 years here extremely memorable.”

Nikhil is currently a software engineer at dropbox.

Batch of 2009

Akhil Mathur Principal Research Scientist at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, United Kingdom

“I fondly remember the four fantastic years that I spent at DA-IICT. Writing this testimonial more than ten years after I graduated has given me the chance to reflect on how the education at DA-IICT has shaped my life and career. The unique course structure, which combined concepts from computer science, electronics, and communications, greatly benefited me in diversifying my knowledge. The cherry on top was the humanities curriculum that gave me a different and much-needed perspective on our societal challenges. As a young student, I may not have fully appreciated the value of those courses at the time, but they have been equally important in my life and career as the technical courses. I also deeply appreciate that our faculty constantly motivated the students to participate in research projects both internally and externally – this was a significant factor in my decision to pursue a career in research. Finally, and most importantly, the friends and memories that I made at DA-IICT will always remain with me.”

Batch of 2006

Bhavesh Manglani co-founder of Delhivery

“My earliest memory at DAIICT was Prof RNB’s lecture on day 2 (His first one at DA). In his booming voice, he told us “Engineers are lazy. Best engineers are laziest. Hence, they are able to build the most optimal solutions.” I came to DAIICT because Director APK sold a vision of a progressive university with a strong emphasis on learning, hands-on experimentation and exposure, to compete with the world’s best. The engineer’s way – analytical approach to problem solving using ICT has stayed with me. My ability to understand and design complex systems and work closely with a large group of people learnt at DAIICT has helped me to be continually better among peers. I attribute this to the amazing course structure which covers fundamentals, hardware, software and well thought out refresher courses. Exposure to cutting-edge technology along with a unique perspective to dissect the nuts and bolts in real world systems is unique to DAIICT, and I have rarely seen the depth and progressive world view in students from other colleges. DAIICT alumni that I have worked with have always stood out among peers in ownership, hard work, sharpness, pride and quality of output delivered. Eyes light up uniformly when you run into an alumni or faculty and the feeling is mutual. Lasting friendships made at DAIICT are a constant source of joy and inspiration. Most importantly, the feeling of belonging to a place which constantly aspires for greatness resonates with my core values.”